Remant Group is building a sustainable strategy

Remant Group is building a sustainable strategy

As innovative Transport and Customs Architects, we are building a sustainable business strategy to which corporate social responsibility is inseparably linked. In this way, we want to help provide an answer to the challenges we all face. We do this for our clients, together with our partners, paying attention to our employees and our environment. Because this is how we guarantee that the exciting world of logistics and customs can also offer future generations a bright future.

We live in challenging times. The way we work is being affected by multiple geopolitical, economic, social and environmental challenges. It is therefore vitally important that we monitor how certain trends are evolving and which risks they entail.

We conducted an extensive exercise to reformulate our strategy for the years to come. But this does not mean that the outcome is a break with the past. On the contrary, the exercise shows that we have evolved and have adjusted several items due to the changing risk landscape, but also introduced many new aspects.

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Sustainable transport solutions

Sustainable development

Sustainable transport solutions

Learn more about the United Nations Sustainable Development program

As the Remant Group, we provide innovative and flexible supply chain solutions that are tailored to our customers’ transport needs in the most cost-effective way. Thanks to our network and our knowledge, we can always use the most optimal means of transport. We are constantly trying to reduce the total environmental and social footprint of our activities by looking for sustainable logistics alternatives. We want to lead the way in providing green logistics and the transport of circular materials.

Synchromodal solutions

  • We are setting up systems and procedures to map and measure synchromodal solutions. This allows us to offer sustainable re-routing and optimization.
  • We are training and encouraging our employees to present the various options to the customer.
  • We are developing a standard tariff scheme so that the synchromodal solution can fully come into its own.
  • We are strenghthening multimodal transport by expanding the network.
  • We are working on knowledge development in our teams in the field of organization and control.

Sustainable and efficient logistics

  • At the level of our business operations, we are trying to limit our CO2 emissions. We are doing this by monitoring our CO2 footprint and CO2 reduction plans for Scope 1 and Scope 2 every six months.
  • Based on our range of services, we are focusing on numerous initiatives that help customers reduce the CO2 impact of their transport.
  • We have developed our own Qubus tool for CO2-efficient solutions and are continuing to add new features.
  • Thanks to the tool with API integration, we can clear goods faster and more efficiently.

Support for circular models

  • We promote circular activities through REKUPP by facilitating the transport of recyclable materials and reusable raw materials.
  • We actively look for partnerships with companies in the recycling sector and the circular economy so that we can provide them with full-service solutions in the logistics chain.
  • We co-invest in research initiatives that help increase circular activity.

"For some time, Remant Cool Logistics has been supporting inland shipping as part of our multimodal transport solutions for our customers. This is not an easy choice because it requires a great deal of organization and coordination between the parties involved, but it is certainly a means of transport that we support. Inland shipping takes trucks off the road and generates lower CO2 emissions than road transport."

Peter Van den Broeck Director Remant Cool Logistics

"The increasing awareness for conscious use of resources, more and more innovative applications for recycling and the economic importance lead the REKUPP team to make a daily difference by shipping recyclable materials so that they can get a second life."

Filip Adam Director Remant Globe Logistics & partner REKUPP

"We ship metals, textiles, but also waste paper all over the world. These secondary raw materials are then used to manufacture new products. In this way, we play an important role in the recycling industry. We work closely with governments to deliver these recycling flows to their international destinations in accordance with all the applicable guidelines. We always investigate the transport modalities in order to transport the shipment as efficiently as possible and with limited CO2 emissions."

Frédéric Van Olmen Management REKUPP


A great place to work and grow

Sustainable development

A great place to work and grow

Learn more about the United Nations Sustainable Development program

Our employees and their expertise are the most important assets in our group. We cherish that. We take targeted initiatives to ensure that everybody can develop and grow with us in a balanced way. This is inspired by the belief that we must offer opportunities to everybody.

By working specifically on our employees’ welfare and well-being, we ensure that we all stay healthy together. Our family business culture exudes that desire to care for each other.

Offering opportunities. How are we already doing this?

  • We have an open corporate culture with opportunities for everybody, regardless of origin, skin color, disability, ...
  • With us, eagerness to learn and potential take precedence over diplomas.
  • All our new employees are guided through an extensive onboarding process so that they immediately feel at home.
  • Through the Remant Academy, we offer a platform for learning and further development.
  • Based on our HR policy, we focus on opportunities and personal growth.
  • Together with external partners, we provide a range of coaching and executive training.
  • We offer everybody in our company the opportunity to express their views about certain trends and choices and how we can best react to them.

Healthy employees. We work on this together!

  • We are promoting a healthy lifestyle among our employees (bicycle policy, fruit baskets, ...)
  • Through our Remant Health Club, we are working on our employees' physical and mental health.
  • We are investing in workplace ergonomics.
  • We organized a sporting challenge in which we covered the distance around the earth with the team by cycling, running and walking.
  • We have established a balance that includes working from home and flexible working.
  • We conduct employee surveys that focus on wellbeing and internal communication.

Family DNA

  • We are strongly committed to activities and communication in which we make our AIRE values (appreciation, integrity, respect, engagement) visible and tangible in the workplace.
  • We are all part of one group and one big family. We also want to transfer our values to our offices in the United States and France.
  • We focus on multilingual communication so that our foreign branches also continue to be involved in internal policy.

"Through our Remant Health Club, we want to help our colleagues to live a healthy and balanced life. We highlight the wider context of health and well-being, such as excercise, relaxation, healthy food, mental health, ... This gives employees the chance to become familiar with these topics and to pick out what they find interesting or useful. Through the Remant Health Club, we inspire and motivate our colleagues to get started themselves. Because a healthy lifestyle promotes personal well-being and gives people energy to manage their daily challenges at home and at work."

Laure Decostere Human Capital Officer

"Meanwhile, I have been working as a Transport Architect in the Automotive team at Remant Africa Logistics for 3.5 years. At the start, I had no logistics background and an experienced colleague trained me from scratch. The automotive branch is very extensive and I am still learning every day. Both technically and culturally, this job is an enrichment. The dynamic customer contact and fun projects make me really feel at home here. A tip I like to share is not to be put off by the unknown, because you learn a lot by doing and that's how you get there!"

Jens Van Campenhout Transport Architect

"At Remant, I really feel at home. I am valued and I get lots of opportunities. After training as a logistics clerk at Portilog through Randstad, I started working as an Administrative Assistant at Remant Africa Logistics. My goal is to keep learning every day and grow into a freight forwarder."

Mariia Paievska Administrative Assistant


Sustainable and efficient processes

Sustainable development
Planet & Prosperity

Sustainable and efficient processes

Learn more about the United Nations Sustainable Development program

Our goal is to provide our customers with a full-service solution. Operational excellence and continuous improvement are essential for guaranteeing top quality. As a system integrator, we have created the best preconditions for this. Because we are open to new technology, we can keep focusing on the future. We work with up-to-date software and cloud applications and actively monitor the evolution of the digitization process. We consistently invest in relevant applications in our sector. Our data and that of our customers is secured according to the highest standards.

Our customer-oriented approach

  • Based on the dedication of our people and the power of our systems, we aim to excel in the level of service we provide.
  • We are continuously investing in knowledge of the sector and the customer's business/markets so that we can always make a difference and provide the best possible solution.
  • We are opening our network to our customers and sharing opportunities with them.
  • We are responding to new trends, flows and opportunities and are deploying a specific approach to this in the market.
  • We always listen to feedback from our customers and do something about it!

We focus on system integration

  • Thanks to our extensive system integrations, our customers can easily place their orders from their own ERP systems. Customers can track the transport flow from order to fulfilment and invoicing.
  • We have been investing in the development of our own R&D and innovation department for many years. This makes us a pioneer in the field of system integration using EDI and API.
  • We apply strict cybersecurity and data protection standards to secure our systems. For example, multi-factor security is a matter of course for us.

We like to excel in operational excellence

  • We are constantly working on process optimizations to organize our customers' flows as efficiently as possible in terms of time, costs and environmental impact.
  • We have a clear IT and application strategy that is aimed at simplifying, standardizing and automating the day-to-day processes.
  • We optimize our planning and operations in a process of continuous improvement and have a full-time position for process optimization and process simplification for each BU.
  • We limit manual input through RPA and data scraping.
  • We use extensive quality dashboards, and we monitor our service level agreements.
  • We arrange systematic checks and audits.

"We are system driven, people oriented. Every day, our Transport and Customs Architects work on operational excellence together with our internal IT team. In each entity, we have an employee who focuses on the performance and optimization of our systems. This is how we build the bridge between the daily operational challenges and the translation to our IT team."

Bob Keustermans Director Remant Globe Logistics

"By setting up EDI connections, certain tasks can be automated. These mainly involve recurring administrative tasks. By doing this, our Transport and Customs Architects colleagues have more space to focus on customer service and to maintain good personal contact."

Steven De Jaeger Chief Innovation Officer

"Since 2020 we have been using The Force, our high-performance transport management system. For several customers, we have already completed full integration with their ERP package. As a result, a load can be tracked worldwide and linked to actual emissions. A pilot project is currently under way that is aimed at adding integration, tracking and CO2 monitoring to The Force."

Tom Ven Chief Financial Officer


Cooperative partnerships

Sustainable development

Cooperative partnerships

Learn more about the United Nations Sustainable Development program

Together, we are building reliable long-term relationships with our customers and other stakeholders. We work according to the values of the Remant Group: Appreciation – Integrity – Respect – Engagement. We translate these company values into specific actions. we are actively involved in our surroundings. This is reflected in the openness and transparency that we offer but also in our support for socially relevant projects.

Long-term collaboration

  • We like to commit to long-term partnerships with our customers and suppliers, and regard them as partners. Together, we ensure that we strive for the same level of quality and apply the same standards.
  • We develop relationships in an open way and believe in the power of ecosystems, where each partner can properly valorize their own added value.
  • We evaluate our partners based on a scoring model, both on land and at sea. This model consists of the parameters quality, safety, service and flexibility.

Open communication and transparency

  • We have a long history of corporate governance based on the Buysse code. Our committed Board of Directors monitors the strategic direction of the group.
  • We actively participate in knowledge events of employer and sector federations and networks such as the Family Business Network. We never hesitate to propagate our thought leadership.
  • We have a code of conduct for employees and suppliers that is implemented group-wide.
  • We conduct strategic customer conversations.
  • We have an enterprise risk management system in place with which we identify the wider ESG risks as well as more economic, operational and financial risks.

Social Engagement

  • We support social, sporting and cultural organizations.
  • We give a second life to our IT equipment through Close the Gap.
  • We engage in professional networks (Etion, Voka, Plato).

"I have recently joined the internal team shouldering our sustainability strategy. It is a topic that is an important item on the agenda for all companies and cannot be ignored. I am happy to work on this out of pride that as a company we are leaders within the forwarding industry in this respect. In addition, it gives me an exciting opportunity to go beyond my daily work and gain knowledge of other areas and collaborate with colleagues from other departments."

Steven Elzendoorn Transport Architect Remant Africa Logistics

"We also deploy our innovative concept of Transport Architect across national borders. This allows us to guarantee quality throughout the supply chain. For example, we have a partnership in Japan which allows us to monitor our customers' traffic from door to door."

Steve Adriaenssens Director Remant Cool Logistics

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