Offering opportunities

Offering opportunities

Focus: People

We provide opportunities to everybody who wants to learn and grow. We want to create a motivational learning and growth environment for our employees. That way, we can make sure that they remain agile in a rapidly changing world.

#action – Growing with enthusiasm 
Every employee is given equal opportunities and we focus on the future together.
Thanks to our training courses and good guidance, we can quickly integrate motivated new recruits with no work experience or who have worked in completely different sectors. At present, 50% of our applicants come from a sector other than logistics. They are well trained and supervised internally so that they can achieve greater independence step by step.

#action – Remant Academy
We offer internal training courses through the Remant Academy. We will continue to develop the available courses to meet new needs (such as time management, Excel, IT tools, languages). External training is often provided through Portilog.
These courses are specifically aimed at the logistics sector. For 2023, the priority is to draw up individual training plans.

How we want to give further opportunities to employees:

» Setting up buddy projects.
» Focusing on employer branding.
» Offering inclusive job vacancies.
» Facilitating internal mobility for everybody.
» Formalizing our policy on continuous learning.
» Accelerating the integration process in the case of possible acquisitions.
» Strengthening the involvement of our employees by giving them a structural say.