Support for circular models

Support for circular models

Focus: Planet

We strongly believe in the need for economic growth with no further impact on the depletion of resources. As a logistics director, we want to contribute to this by helping our customers with the optimal transport of circular material flows.


An economy where everything goes from make to dump is not a sustainable economy. Many residual flows can be valorized. The transition to a circular economy is being strongly stimulated by the EU Green Deal and the EU taxonomy. We believe that this transition will require smart logistics. For us, that means the ability to set up integrated supply chains and manage reverse logistics flows.

All of this requires the right expertise, but also the resources to work efficiently on a large scale. By investing in this and by developing knowledge and creating partnerships, we can help our customers use the circular models efficiently and with the least possible environmental impact.

#action – REKUPP
Through REKUPP, Remant has focused on the transport of recyclable flows since 2021 and thus contributed to the circular economy. REKUPP was founded through a joint venture with our partner Steelduxx. The focus is on the transport of high-quality recyclable commodities.

REKUPP is now working together with several quality partners and the loads are always checked. REKUPP is currently concentrating on the following four
basic commodities:
» Paper and cardboard
» Mutilated rags
» Steel
» Textiles

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Our goal:

» We are increasing the number of circular goods for which we can provide solutions.