Operational excellence

Operational excellence

Focus: Partnership & Prosperity

We guarantee our customers that we work efficiently. Optimized internal processes, clear service level agreements and a critical mindset aimed at continuously improving our processes are our starting point.


#action – Root-Cause analysis / continuous improvement
Our IT ambassadors are in direct contact with the employees on the work floor. After all, it is their job to detect and report the limitations and concerns on the work floor in order to further perfect our system so that it is tailored to the users. The culture of continuous improvement is an integral part of our DNA. We receive numerous tips and input, and we always provide feedback about any changes.

#action – Change management
We implement change management by appointing a change ambassador at each entity. This employee is responsible for motivating the rest of the team and informing them about the changes that are taking place. In this way, the new way of working will be embedded in each entity, and throughout the organization. This principle is applied for every change or innovation.

#action – Data quality control
A quality check is carried out on incoming data supplied by the customer. This requires initial identification by the administrator and manual adjustment, in other words a proactive attitude from the employees themselves. Here it is important that we keep an inventory of data that is sometimes supplied incomplete, and make sure that employees are alert to this and raise the alarm immediately!

How do we want to improve our operational excellence?

» Setting up a quality management system according to ISO 9001 for several aspects of our services.
» Formalizing our actual costing to obtain a continuous feedback loop on certain service levels.