Open communication and transparency

Open communication and transparency

Open communication and transparency

Focus: People

#action – Ecovadis
Our customers also evaluate us. Some of them use the Ecovadis audit tool to do this. Ecovadis is an ESG-related (Environmental, Social, Governance) benchmark that enables companies to assess business relationships based on their sustainability performance. In an Ecovadis assessment, companies are assessed based on five cornerstones:

» general policies
» labor & human rights
» ethics
» environment
» social procurement

In January 2023, after an extensive revision of various policies, we submitted a new audit file in order to respond better to the ESG themes. We also managed this audit in the group for the first time. This means that, for all our entities, we have set the bar equally high for many processes that are outside the scope of the Ecovadis audit.

#action – Sustainability ambassadors 
We conducted an internal survey to find sustainability ambassadors in each business unit. These people, together with the management, will shape the sustainable innovations in the group and help bring about sustainable change.

How do we continue in open communication and a transparant culture? 

»Setting up formal reporting on our sustainability efforts.
»Participating in networking events and stakeholder meetings to share insights on sustainability topics.
»We have a code of conduct for suppliers.