Synchromodal solutions

Synchromodal solutions

Synchromodal solutions

Focus: Planet

We set up systems and procedures to map and measure synchromodal solutions. This allows us to offer sustainable re-routing and optimisations.


We play a coordinating role in our extensive logistics network. Here, thanks to our expertise and our available options we can respond very flexibly and give our customers the reliability and efficiency they are looking for. We make optimal use of all modes of transportn tailored to the needs of every customer and the logistics flow.

In the current climate, it is not easy to strenghten multimodality for our customers.
» Limited capacity at the terminals
» Container availability and supplier flexibility
» The cost price

At Remant, we believe in synchromodal transport, and we can see that customers are increasingly open to alternative solutions. Building good relationships is crucial to provide an efficient and effective synchromodal network. The relationships between shipping companies, the hinterland and the Remant Group are therefore vital for a synchromodal future.


» We are encouraging customers to transition to synchromodal solutions.
» We encourage reverse logistics by reusing containers.