We move around the world

    So far, Remant Group employees have walked, cycled and run the circumference of the world... not once, but twice! The ‘We move around the world’ campaign focuses on combining sport and exercise with support for four organisations with humanitarian and environmental goals. And it has clearly been a success.

    Erik Keustermans, CEO Remant Group: ‘This year is Remant’s 40th birthday. We don’t want to let that milestone go unmarked. Celebrating together with a few drinks on our birthday is still off the cards at the moment, but hopefully, it can happen later in the year. That’s not to say we’re just going to let it slide until then! This is why we are organising the “We move around the world” challenge for employees and their partner/family. We want to symbolically cover the circumference of the whole world together. This is more than 40,075 km along the equator. We are doing it by walking, jogging or cycling and tracking the activities. Colleagues arrange to take part in the sports together when possible. After all, we’ve been seeing less of one another because some of us are working from home.’
    Laure Decostere, Human Capital Officer: ‘Sport and exercise are part of Remant’s DNA. Whenever possible, we try to leave the car at home and travel between work and home by bike. Several colleagues take part in sports in their leisure time to keep a healthy work-life balance. The whole team at Remant Group, along with Derudder Transport Architects in France, can participate in this challenge. We are a total of 133 sports fans who cycle, walk or jog. It can be considered a success already because we already hit our goal in less than a month. We didn’t want to stop yet, so we’re going round again! This doubles the challenge and also gives us extra motivation to keep up with sport through the summer months.’

    Milo Schnurrer, Finance Assistant, is taking part: ‘I am an avid cyclist. I always cycle to work anyway, I find it relaxing, it helps me really clear my head. Then I also cover a lot of distance as a cycling enthusiast in my free time. So I am, of course, delighted to do my bit for our campaign. It’s fun to do it as a common goal. We can talk about it amongst ourselves and it encourages me to get on my bike.’

    Erik Keustermans, CEO Remant Group: ‘We are combining this sporting challenge with support for several organisations which, even more so in recent times, work for the benefit of their fellow humans or the environment. Remant Group employees were able to indicate which organisation they would like to see receive our support. The Ocean Cleanup, Mercy Ships, Natuurpunt and the Antwerp Food Bank received a lot of votes right off the bat. That’s why we decided, as it’s a celebration year for us and so we want to do something extra, to support all four of them with a substantial donation. As a result, we hope to give a bit of a boost to their work. Our action is also in line with our commitment to corporate social responsibility from within the Remant Group.’

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