Employees at Remant Transport Architects fulfil sports challenge together

    We move around the world

    In recent months, the employees at Remant Group have been demonstrating their sporting skills by walking, cycling and running the circumference of the world twice! The ‘We move around the world’ challenge was one of the ways to mark the company's 40th anniversary. Remant wanted to do something together in a safe and sporting way, as well as support charity.

    Team spirit
    Employees exercised individually and together with colleagues, family and friends. Their kilometres were tracked on a smartphone or smartwatch. Participants could then go online to track their own results, that of other participants and the total. The focus was on taking part, however, with personal contributions ranging from ten to several thousand kilometres.

    The final kilometres were collected in mid-August. To highlight the action, on Friday 20 August, various colleagues met up near the Remant office for a symbolic walk to the finish. Employees who were working from home that day did a walk from home. With this initiative, Remant also hopes to encourage employees to maintain a more active lifestyle.

    Sport and exercise linked to support for charity

    Four organisations have now received a donation to support their work and projects. These are The Ocean Cleanup, Natuurpunt, De Antwerpse Voedselbank and Mercy Ships. Remant Group employees were given the opportunity to vote for their favourite organisation. All the organisations received nearly the same number of votes, so Remant’s board decided to support all four with a donation.

    Interested in the work and projects of the charities?
    You will find all the information on the following websites:

    Mercy Ships
    Mercy Ships has been providing medical and surgical care to the world’s poorest people since 1978. With the biggest private hospital ship in the world, they sail to countries where people have no access to affordable medical and surgical care. Mercy Ships tackles this problem in three ways:
    • Direct medical care and surgery for the local population
    • Training and mentoring for local medical staff
    • Improvement of the healthcare infrastructure
    The medical care is varied, ranging from surgery, dental care and palliative care, for example.

    Natuurpunt is an independent voluntary organisation with more than 120,000 members which aims to protect vulnerably and threatened nature in Flanders. Natuurpunt manages more than 25,000 hectares of Flemish nature in 500 different nature areas. The volunteers take the initiative, doing the procurement, managing and opening of nature reserves. They are supported in this effort by professional teams. With a strong network of footpaths, observation cabins, benches, recreational forests and visitor centres, Natuurpunt offers everyone the opportunity to enjoy nature. Every year, Natuurpunt organises thousands of activities such as guided walks, habitat management, courses and workshops.

    The Antwerp Food Bank
    The AMT Food Bank (Antwerp-Mechelen-Turnhout) is a non-profit organisation that aims to tackle hunger and food waste. The Food Bank is the central distribution point for food to charitable organisations in the province of Antwerp. It is part of the Belgian Federation of Food Banks, which is part of the European Federation of Food Banks. All the food collected is free. They do not distribute directly to the end-users themselves but to recognised charitable organisations in Antwerp. These organisations then distribute it to people in need.

    The Ocean Cleanup
    Every year, millions of tonnes of plastic enter the oceans, the majority coming from rivers. The plastic floating in the oceans — the old plastic — does not go away by itself. To tackle plastic pollution in the oceans, we need to stem the source and clean up what has already accumulated. The Ocean Cleanup, a non-profit organisation, develops advanced technologies to rid the seas of plastic. Once they have achieved their goal of 90% reduction of ocean plastic, they will have completed the project, and their work will be done.

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