Remant organizes apple sale for De Warmste Week

    De Warmste Week, VRT’s solidarity campaign, organized annually in the week before Christmas, is dedicated to the fight against social disadvantages in 2022. The money raised will go to projects supporting people in poverty or poverty prevention initiatives. Remant strongly supports this initiative. So, a campaign was launched. By selling apples donated by the Belgian Fruit Auction, we aimed to raise money. We asked 5 euros for a 2-kilo bag of apples. Employees could buy these for themselves and for friends and family.
    Our apple sale raised 2,235.00 euros for De Warmste Week. An extra bag was symbolically ordered in each employee’s name. These apples were donated to the Antwerp Food Bank. Several colleagues also donated their orders to the Food Bank. In this way, we were able to support two causes with one campaign.

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