Remant offers Project Logistics and Special Transport

    Remant specialises in international logistics for special transport or inaccessible locations. These transports require a thorough preliminary study, field knowledge, and continuous monitoring. Our Transport Architects have the experience to map the risks and the local contacts and partnerships to ensure a smooth and secure delivery.

    Thanks to years of experience in complex deliveries in terms of weight, size, route, difficult-to-reach destinations ... we can completely unburden our customers. Whether we need to transport voluminous beer tanks from the Czech Republic, an entire bottling line from Germany to Africa, or rollers for extremely heavy loads from China to Belgium, our customers can count on us as for door-to-door transport of their exceptional loads.
    Preparing such projects can involve site visits, route reconnaissance, bridge calculations, negotiations with stakeholders, and transparent cost analysis with all the transport modes, applications for permits, removal of street furniture, disconnection of power lines… The succession of country-specific administrative obligations and local customs are also part of our services.

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