Carbon offsetting of flights at Remant

    Sustainability is a priority in our family business, which is why we try to limit our ecological footprint to a minimum. We intend to achieve this by systematically evaluating our processes and implement process improvements.

    Remant has been a pilot company of the Sustatool sustainability management project of the Government of Flanders since 2016. This is a no-nonsense method for companies wishing to continually improve their sustainability policy. We monitor various areas of our business operations for sustainability.

    Business travel

    “Unfortunately our business trips by airplane increase our ecological footprint. Where possible, we try to use videoconferencing for meetings. If there is no other option and we need to fly, Remant will reduce its impact on the environment by carbon offsetting flights, says Erik Keustermans, the CEO of the Remant Group.

    “We achieve this by offering structural support to a carbon offsetting project in Ghana. By compensating for the impact of our business trips, Remant gives families in developing countries access to energy-saving solutions, renewable energy sources and, more importantly, a better future, thanks to a social, economic and sustainable development project.”

    Remant supports the ‘Ghana Cookstove Project’ through Greentripper, which contributes to reducing carbon emissions and logging while improving people’s quality of life. Conventional fuel-based cooking methods on an open fire or rudimentary cooking appliances are inefficient, unhealthy, and unsafe.

    You can find more information about sustainable travel for companies and private individuals on the Greentripper website.

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