Last year Remant planted 385 trees in Malawi, Africa through Fruitful Office

    Remant has been ordering fruit baskets through Fruitful Office since 2013, which are delivery to the office every week. A team of fruit specialists selects the best fruit from local growers and fruit markets to offer a seasonal fruit mix every week. That is how we ensure there’s always fresh fruit within hand’s reach for our employees.

    As part of our sustainability policy, the partnership with Fruitful Office was a logical choice. For every basket we buy, they plant a tree in Malawi in Africa, together with Ripple Africa. Since 2013, we have planted 1,537 trees because of our fruit baskets. In 2018, we planted a total of 385 seeds, which soon will turn into full-fledged trees and which will provide more oxygen, biodiversity and employment for the region.

    Deforestation is a major problem in Malawi. Together with Ripple Africa, they are trying to resolve this, by planting trees and educating local communities and schools in the region. This helps reduce the effects of global warming and deforestation, protects indigenous forests and generates employment and income for the local communities.

    The baskets in which the fruit is delivered are 99% environment-friendly: all the materials are bio-degradable, are re-used and all the remaining packaging is recycled. As such, Fruitful Office ties in with the sustainability policy, that Remant is continuously trying to develop.

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