Our colleagues on a biking trip along the Nete river

Some of our colleagues of Remant Globe Logistics and Remant Africa Logistics joined each other on a Friday evening and left for a 80 km bike ride after working hours along the river Nete and many other beautiful places.

“The prediction of a warm evening sun on a Friday evening made us decide to go on a bike ride with some colleagues after work. Last Friday, we gathered in front of the office with our Remant bike gear for a bike tour of 80 km’s, carefully mapped out by our colleague Nils.

Once we could leave the Ring of Antwerp behind us, the roads became more calm and we were able to quietly ride down the bike path that led us straight to Duffel. Whilst chattering, I learned that Patrice, a new colleague at Remant Africa Logistics, is a triathlete and has the target to ride the Marmotte triathlon next year in the French Alps. Hats off!

Near Duffel, we turned to Walem across the winding tow path next to the river Nete, to cross the Schelde at the bridge of Temse.

Because we are ‘forwarders’ in heart and soul, we did not only found our way by gps, but we also followed our instincts to find some nice routes, bringing us to our destination In a nicer way. We are simply always looking for the best solution! Because of that, we ended up upon a beautiful road, located some km’s before Kruibeke, with a magnificent view across The Schelde turning into the setting sun. Of course, we immediately turned on our bicycle light, safety first!

About 10 km’s further on, we ended up at the underpass, which brought us back to the centre of Antwerp where we arrived back at our offices.

The discovery of these beautiful routes was really worth it, but most of all it was great to get to know my colleagues a little bit better, and this across all business units. Already looking forward to the next ride!”

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