International shipping companies exchange customs data via NxtPort

NxtPort developed various applications over the past year that make data exchange in the supply chain run more efficiently and smoothly. An increasing number of international shipping companies, shipping agents and logistics services suppliers are joining NxtPort to exchange cargo data for customs purposes.

NxtPort developed the Import Consignment Data API, the application to share and collect cargo data for customs declarations. This application is, therefore, aimed at exchanging CUSCAR data (short for “Customs Cargo” messages). A CUSCAR message is an “importation cargo manifest” that is delivered to customs. These messages are sent from one link to the following link in the supply chain, mostly unstructured or not even digital. Thanks to this application from NxtPort, the data is made available digitally for the parties involved. This saves time, lowers the risk of errors and ensures uniformity in the messages. The data owner decides for himself with which other parties he shares his data via the NxtPort platform.

Daniel Lievens, CEO of NxtPort, explains the success of the application: “Thanks to the hard work of our team and the increasing demand for a smoother data flow in the logistics sector, more and more companies are finding their way to NxtPort. Via our Import Consignment Data application, the cargo data for customs declarations is digital and flawlessly exchanged between the various parties involved. The more actors find each other on NxtPort, the more forward-looking we can work on the efficiency of the supply chain”.

In the past year, NxtPort invested heavily to inform and guide the port sector about the possibilities and the applications on the platform. Currently, there are 9 shipping agents who have put their import customs data on NxtPort (including Yang Ming Lines, Hyundai Merchant Marine, Boeckmans België and Ilomar Ltd) and five (CMA-CGM, MSC Belgium, ONE, Hapag-Lloyd and Maersk) in the implementation phase.

More and more freight forwarders are also using the application to reuse cargo data when they leave the temporary storage area and depart for their new destination. Currently, that is Bolloré, Portmade and Remant Customs.


About NxtPort

NxtPort is a data platform for and by the logistics sector. The platform builds solutions to collect data from various companies and to make it available. Through this exchange of data, the logistics sector is organised more efficiently, and administrative processes are optimised. NxtPort is accessible to all parties involved in the supply chain; shipping companies, carriers, terminals, shippers, freight forwarders, customs, etc. These parties can provide data, develop new applications, and use the solutions on the NxtPort platform. NxtPort also works together with software and app developers as an incubator for industrial, technological, and logistical innovations.


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