Remant supports UZA’s Mother and Child Unit

Remant Transport Architects supports the UZA’s Mother and Child Unit. Children with cancer can count on a large team of professionals in the UZA, from doctors and nurses, to dieticians, speech therapists and psychologists. Together their only aim is the child’s recovery and well-being. In 2019, the Mother and Child Unit can rely on the support of the Remant Group.

Children who are diagnosed with cancer face a long treatment, followed by a long period of monitoring. It starts with the diagnosis and often only ends when they become adults and are followed up by doctors for adults. A large team of specialists monitors the children for many years to detect any potential relapse or side-effects in the long term and treat them to the best of their ability. The team’s strength is the close consultation and the low-threshold collaboration between all the care professionals involved. At Remant, we are only glad to help them achieve this!

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