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Passport Remant Group


Organisational structure : Remant NV,holding, with five operating companies: Remant Douane NV, Remant Logistics NV, Remant Globe NV, Remant Cool Logistics NV and Remant Cool Logistics BV (Rotterdam) as well as stakeholding in Derudder SAS Le Havre
Description : dynamic freight forwarding company
Main activities : international maritime-related shipments, logistics in Africa, customs expertise, reefer transports
Core qualities : commitment, integrity, excellence
Date of establishment : 1981
Previous history : The company roots go back to the 1960’s, in the logistics department for one of Belgiums top players in the textile industry
Headquarters : Antwerp (Belgium)
Legal status : public limited company / non-listed / privately held
Banking partners : ING, Bank J. Van Breda, BNP Paribas Fortis, KBC
Memberships : VEA, FIATA, VIL, VOKA, CBL-ACP, GUBERNA, NKVK, FBN Belgium, Etion, 
Buysse Code : All directors subscribed to the principles laid out in the Buysse Code and updated in the Buysse Code III, a corporate governance charter for non-listed companies. The management strongly upholds these principles which form an integral part of the management culture