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Main events


1981 : Establishment of Remant NV
1981 : Remant becomes the very first company to use SADBEL for its customs transactions
1984 : Remant builds and moves into offices of its own in the heart of the port of Antwerp
1985 : Remant proudly adds Africa’s absolute market leader in brewing activities to its list of satisfied customers
1990 : Creation of Remant Expeditie NV and Remant Douane NV
1999 : Remant Expeditie expands its geographical reach to include Central and Eastern Africa
2003 : Inauguration of the prestigious new offices on Oudeleeuwenrui in Antwerp
2004 : Remant Expeditie NV rebaptised to Remant Logistics NV
2005 : Remant Logistics receives the Trends Gazellen Award for its achievement as the fastest-growing small business in its segment
2006 : Remant celebrates its 25th anniversary. The company now counts a staff of 55
2007 : Launch of Remant Globe NV
2008 : Remant Douane goes paperless (PLDA)
2010 : AEO-certificate for Remant Douane NV and Remant Globe NV
2011 : Launch Remant Cool Logistics NV
Remant's 30th anniversary with 65 staff members
AEO-certificate for Remant Cool Logistics NV 
2013 : Remant Douane NV is actively involved in the pilote project "Centralised Clearing"
Establishment of Remant Cool Logistics B.V., Rotterdam (NL)
2015 : Launch of CustomsArchitects BVBA
Stakeholding in Derudder SAS Le Havre (F)
Take-over of the customs activities ex WDS Antwerpen BVBA.