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 Douane NV is actively involved in the pilot project "Centralised Clearance"This means that the customs administration of goods imported into the European Union (starting for the Netherlands) must no longer be done at the location where the cargo enters into the Europen Union, with the advantage that all customs formalities can be fulfilled through PLDA by the Belgian Unique Office.  The effective start of the project is expected in the course of this year.

Creation in January 2015 of CustomsArchitects BVBA.

In June 2015 stakeholding in Derudder SAS (Le Havre, France).

Take-over of the customs activities of WDS Antwerpen BVBA since October 1st, 2015.

Decision in November 2016 at group's level to step into the Sustatool project, a sustainability management tool for continuous improvement of our corprate social responsibility and based on the quintiple P-approach :
- Planet and future :    within the ecological requirements and future-oriented
- People :                    ethically responsible with long term vision and
                                  consideration for the right balance
- Prosperity :               with attention for equity, well-being and respectful
- Partnership :             in dialogue and open mind co-operation with all 
                                  stakeholders of the Remant-group
- Peace :                     with absolute respect for all parties involved
with a measurable impact on the realized and planned projects as from 2017.